The 216th Annual Convention will be held on 

Saturday, November 3, 2018

at Christ Church in Exeter


Delegates to Convention:

Please attend your Convocation Meetings! 

Click here to go to the Diocesan Events Calendar

and find out when your Convocation is meeting. 

If your delegates to convention change, please fill out a 

Delegation Change Form

What does it mean to be a Lay Delegate? 

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Important Deadlines:

July 20

Nomination Forms and Personal Statements are due to the Nominating Committee

Nominations required this year will be for the Treasurer, Standing Committee, one each from clerical and lay orders, and for Finance Committee. Nomination forms and personal statements should be sent to The Rev. Celeste Hemingson, Chair of the Nominating Committee, and to Tina Pickering at the Bishop's Office. See more information about elections below. 

July 27

Final resolutions are submitted to The Rev. Celeste Hemingson, Chair of the Resolutions Committee and to Canon Tina Pickering at the Bishop's Office.

Any resolution submitted after this date until the date of Convention must be done in accordance with "Rules for Late Resolutions" under the Convention Rules of Order

Please read this document for more information on drafting resolutions.

August 3

Annual Reports for the 2018 Pre-Convention Journal are due: Annual Reports must be submitted from Standing Committee, Diocesan Council, the Registrar, Convocation Conveners, the Trustees, and all Committees and Commissions. Resolutions Committee must also submit final resolutions for inclusion in the 2017 Pre-Convention Journal. 


Registration will open. Registration is to be completed online. Information and a registration link will be sent to all delegates and alternates via email. Instructions for how to register online will also be sent by mail. 

October 5

Deadline to reserve a display table

October 19

Deadline for Registration and for Delegation Change Forms

October 26

NH Canon 1.1.3(c): list of delegates entitled to seats at Convention presented to the Bishop

November 3

216th Annual Diocesan Convention at Christ Church, Exeter, NH 

Elections 2018

Nominations, along with Personal Statement and Consents from each nominee and a digital photo, must be submitted to The Rev. Celeste Hemingson, Chair of the Nominations Committee, with a copy to Tina Pickering in the Bishop's Office, no later than July 20, 2018 for Treasurer, Standing Committee (one clergy, one lay), and Council Finance Committee. 

Click here for Nomination form

Click here for Personal Statement and Consent Form

The following elections will take place at Convention: 

Treasurer of Convention - Elected annually at convention by ballot

Currently serving: Chris Porter (since 2012)

Secretary of Convention – Nominated annually at Convention, vote by cards at Convention

Currently serving: Elizabeth Rotch

Standing Committee - One in the Clerical Order (3 yr term) - Elected at Convention by ballot

Currently serving:  The Rev. Teresa Gocha, second term ends in 2018, The Rev. Rob Stevens, first term ends in 2019; The Rev. Guy Collins, second term ends in 2020.

Standing Committee - One in the Lay Order (3 yr term) - Elected at Convention by Ballot

Currently serving: Judith Esmay, second term ends in 2018, and Bob Cotton, first term ends in 2019; Margaret Porter, second term ends in 2020.

Council Finance Committee (3 year term) - Elected at Convention by ballot

Currently serving:  The Rev. Curtis Metzger, first term ends in 2018; Kim Bock, second term ends in 2019; Jack Lewis, second term ends in 2020; Gloria Gallant, appointed by Council; Vacancy, appointed by Council; Bill Sloane, elected by Trustees

Click here for Convention Rules of Order

Click here for Guidelines for Creating Resolutions

Click here for Guidelines for Submitting Amendments


ChIPS 2018

Please click HERE for a letter from Margaret Mackie-Ciancio with an appeal for your help collecting Christmas gifts for incarcerated parents to give their children. Gift guidelines and instructions are included here. The ChIPS truck will be parked prominently in the parking lot at Christ Church, Exeter on the morning of Convention to accept your contributions.