Earth Care

For God so loved the world….

The Episcopal Church of New Hampshire recognizes God’s deep love for all – both human and non-human. And so we seek to care for the earth.

The Earth Care Commission has as its mission:

To coordinate and lead efforts to care for the Earth, encountering and honoring the face of God in all creation as we follow Jesus in relationship with God, each other, and the whole Earth. We will pursue this:

•    at the individual/spiritual level, by engaging with the sacred in and through nature, particularly through prayer and spiritual practice;

•    at the institutional/systems level, by understanding and transforming our own congregational and personal practices, habits, buildings, liturgies, and spending; and

•    at the societal/political level, by advocating larger-scale transformations to enable our communities, state, nation, and world to live in increasing harmony with the Earth.

If your parish is undertaking action to raise awareness about climate change, providing opportunities to deepen people’s spiritual connection with God and the creation, increasing energy efficiency and using renewable resources, or forming collaborations between churches and environmental groups, let us know what you are doing so ideas and resources can be shared.


Coordinator for the Commission for Earth Care:  Carolyn Stevenson,


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