General Convention

79th General Convention, 2018

The 79th General Convention will be held July 5-13, 2018 in Austin. TX. The General Convention's official website has links to information and news, including a report of what happened at GC78, and an updated Constitution and Canons document:


Episcopal Church of NH Deputies to General Convention

At the annual session of Convention prior to the year preceding the year in which the General Convention is to meet, Convention elects clergy persons and lay persons to serve as deputies and alternate deputies to General Convention. The clerical deputies shall be priests or deacons canonically resident in this diocese, and the lay deputies shall be adult confirmed communicants of a congregation in this diocese. No fewer than eight clergy persons and eight lay persons shall be nominated. Elected nominees shall be seated in order of the number of votes received, with the four highest named as deputies, and the next four as alternates. Deputies and alternate deputies shall be elected to three-year terms and may be elected to successive terms.

For the 2018 General Convention, the clerical deputies are led by the Rev. Kate Atkinson and the lay deputies are led by Sarah Ambrogi. For more information you may contact them or Lynn Eaton in the Bishop's Office.