General Convention

78th General Convention, 2015

From June 25 - July 3, 2015, the 78th General Convention was held in Salt Lake City, UT. This triennial gathering of leaders from across the world included the election of our new Presiding Bishop, The Rt. Rev, Michael Curry. Decisions were made on resolutions important to the practice of our faith and formation.



You can read about the work of the Episcopal Church of NH Deputation at their news blog:

􏰀The General Convention's official website has inks to information and news, including a report of what happened at GC78, and an updated Constitution and Canons document:

􏰀Blue Book (all reports and resolutions, plus official business of 78th General Convention):

Episcopal Church of NH Deputies to General Convention

At the annual session of Convention prior to the year preceding the year in which the General Convention is to meet, Convention elects clergy persons and lay persons to serve as deputies and alternate deputies to General Convention. The clerical deputies shall be priests or deacons canonically resident in this diocese, and the lay deputies shall be adult confirmed communicants of a congregation in this diocese. No fewer than eight clergy persons and eight lay persons shall be nominated. Elected nominees shall be seated in order of the number of votes received, with the four highest named as deputies, and the next four as alternates. Deputies and alternate deputies shall be elected to three-year terms and may be elected to successive terms.

Deputies to the 2015 General Convention were elected at the 2013 Diocesan Convention, Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013.

Deputies to the 2015 General Convention (3 year term)

Clerical Order – Deputies:

1. The Rev. William Exner
2. The Rev Randolph K. Dales
3. The Rev. Jason Wells
4. The Rev. Kate Atkinson
Clerical Order – Alternates:
5. The Rev. Kevin Nichols
6. The Rev. Mark Pendleton
7. The Rev. Jane Van Zandt

Lay Order – Deputies:

1.  Bonnie Chappell
2. Margaret Porter
3. Sarah Ambrogi
4. Lynn Tyler
Lay Order – Alternates:
5. Rebecca Goodwin
6. Susan Sielke
7. Cathie Dayton Lewis
8. Karla Tolomeo