Lay Leadership

Lay Leadership Dinner

This year’s Lay Leadership Institute Dinner will again set the theme for a weekend of learning
and connecting. The touchstone for this year's Lay Leadership Institute is light – the light that
is the love of Christ, the light that darkness cannot extinguish. Last year’s “Ministry Moth” was
so well received we have again asked four story-tellers to share their lives with us. This year’s
story-tellers – Dan Andrus, Joan Alayne Stevens, Jim Milliken, and Elizabeth Rotch – will each
tell us of a time he or she experienced that light -- within themselves or within others – and
how that experience affected them and others.
The dinner will take place in the Audubon McLane Center, 84 Silk Farm Road in Concord on
Friday, May 5, 2017.
The cost of the dinner is $28.00 per person, which includes a reception beginning at 5:00 pm, a
dinner buffet, dessert, and the evening's program.
Please register at the link provided below. You do not have to attend the Lay Leadership
Institute workshops on Saturday, May 6 in order to attend this dinner.



Information on Lay Leadership Institute - May 6, 2017

Our 2017 Course Selection included the following choices: 

 Church Governance:  Prerequisite to seminars below noted with an asterisk *

This foundational seminar is the essential primer on the governance of The Episcopal Church -- its structure, polity, and ethos. It is prerequisite to the seminars below noted with an asterisk *. The seminar, offered in small group sections and interactive, includes our relationship with the Anglican Communion, the organization of TEC, the rule of canons, the place of property, congregational roles and responsibilities, and formation both theological and spiritual.
Leaders: Steve Baker, Christine Kellett

The Greening of the Church:

Repeating last year’s popular and timely seminar, presenters from Massachusetts
Interfaith Power and Light will illuminate issues of sustainability and assist church
leaders in the greening of church properties and practices. Their presentation will
include information about calculating energy costs and sources of funding assistance. If
you missed this practical and effective seminar last year, do sign up now.
Leaders: Tom Nutt-Powell and Bill Schroeder

Lord, Teach Us To Pray: Christian Holiness in an Age of Transition.

This seminar will be a conversation about what it means to be the Body of Christ in New Hampshire in the first half of the 21st Century. The Bishop would like the gathered disciples who enroll in this seminar to address some foundational questions that include: Who, what where, when do we worship? What’s the connection between the Altar and the office, the State and Court House, the garage, the classroom, and the dump? What kind of people is God forming us to be? With an introduction to the Daily Office, journals, and other spiritual resources, participants can expect to emerge from the day with a plan to reshape the hours and seasons of their lives with the purpose of sharing the divine life more fully.

Leader: The Rt. Rev. Rob Hirschfeld


Christian Formation:  

 Life Long, Life Deep, Life Wide

Christ invites us to a relationship with God that that is, life-wide, which touches all of our life, and life-deep, touching the depths of our being, life-long and never ending. Supporting this journey is the ministry of Christian formation. Throughout the day we will explore new ideas for formation, including inter-generational, digital, and ways to create faith activities at home, as well as more traditional formats for children, teens, and adults. Bring your successes, questions, hopes, and struggles to share and learn.

Leader:  Linnae Peterson


From Maintenance to MissionCongregational Development in the Age of the Jesus Movement*

It's time to flourish!  Whether you are in a big church doing the "same old thing" or in a small church figuring out how to keep it all together, it is more important than ever to move into a new life of vitality.  In this seminar we will explore Presiding Bishop Curry's vision of the Jesus Movement and how it translates to our work in our congregations.  We'll look at markers for vitality and viability, learn about the life cycle of a church, and consider stressors that can compromise a church's vitality. Finally, we'll examine a case study and discuss the role of mission in our flourishing.

Leaders:  The Rev. Canon Kevin Nichols, CFO and Canon for Mission Resources

Benge Ambrogi, Missioner for Congregational Initiatives


Moving from Lightbulb to Spotlight:*

This hands-on session will take ideas and examples of church communication and you'll spend the day building new outreach & visibility programs for your parish. Bring your laptop!

Leader:  Laura Simoes, Missioner for Community Engagement


Knitting as Ministry and Prayer

Knitters know that their craft is twice-blest: it feeds the knitter and warms the wearer. This seminar will honor both by exploring the ways and venues in which hand knits serve the world as well as the opportunity knitting offers for spiritual enrichment. It will include practical advice on starting a knitting ministry - whether for baptismal blankets or baby shrouds or seamen scarves or even yarn-bombing - and knitting’s potential as meditative practice. All knitters -- masterful, beginner, or not-yet-begun - are welcome and encouraged to bring their knitting. Knitting instruction and materials will be provided for learners.

Leader: Canon Judith Esmay


TO REGISTER:  Contact Lynn Eaton at or call 224-1914