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Be in the know about the exciting things happening at the Episcopal Church of NH


A bimonthly newsletter is sent out via email to all church leaders, clergy and lay leaders, delegates, wardens, and retired clergy. Anyone who is interested may join the mailing list by emailing their interest to jquinn@nhepiscopal.org!

News from the Vine

News from the Vine is our seasonal printed newsletter. Past editions of News from the Vine can be viewed here (see links in right hand column under “News from the Vine”). To join the mailing list please email your interest to jquinn@nhepiscopal.org.

Facebook and Twitter

For more frequent news updates, and information on things happening in the congregations around the diocese, check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Find us on Facebook as Episcopal Church of NH and on Twitter as @NHEpiscopal (join the conversation using #NHEpiscopal and #tendingthevine). If you have things you would like to share, please send information to Lynn Eaton at leaton@nhepiscopal.org.

Tending the Vine

Tending the Vine is Bishop Rob’s blog for sharing insight and inspiration. Check it out HERE.

The Bulletin

The Bulletin is our online daily news feed. Great for real time news updates especially for those not so into Facebook and Twitter. Check it out HERE!

Some Other Stuff

Our former NH Episcopal News can be read in archived editions here. Episcopal Journal newspaper will no longer be sent to individual subscribers by the Church. A limited number of monthly copies will be available at each parish and at Diocesan House. 

Members of the news media requesting information or interviews should contact the Diocesan Offices at 603/224-1914.