News from our Episcopal Church of New Hampshire can be seen in several ways. The Bulletin is our new news blog. ENews, a biweekly digest of The Bulletin, is sent by email to all church leaders, clergy and lay leaders, delegates, wardens and retired clergy. Our triennial Church-wide newsletter, News from the Vine, can be read here (see link in the right-hand column).

Our former NH Episcopal News can be read in archived editions here. Episcopal Journal newspaper will no longer be sent to individual subscribers by the Church. A limited number of monthly copies will be available at each parish and at Diocesan House. 

In addition, Bishop Hirschfeld ahas a blog where he will share insight and observations, called Tending the Vine.

Our Facebook page is Episcopal Church of NH and at Twitter we are @NHEpiscopal (join the conversation by using #NHEpiscopal and #tendingthevine. 

Members of the news media requesting information or interviews should contact the Diocesan Offices at 603/224-1914.