NH Disciplinary Board for Title IV

From NH Constitution and Canons, Canon 6:

Those provisions of Title IV of the canons of The Episcopal Church (hereinafter referred to as Title IV) that are applicable to the diocese are hereby incorporated as part of this canon. To the extent, if any, that any of the provisions of this canon are in conflict or inconsistent with the provisions of Title IV, the provisions of Title IV shall govern.

Disciplinary Board. The diocese shall create and maintain a disciplinary board, which shall serve as court for the implementation of Title IV in the diocese. The disciplinary board shall comprise nine members, five of whom are clerical members and four of whom are lay members. Clerical members must be canonically resident in this diocese. Lay members must be adult communicants in good standing in a congregation in union with this diocese.

Diocesan Intake Officer: 

The Rev. Rev. Miriam Acevedo

Phone: 603-329-4674 Email: macevedo2@comcast.net


President of Disciplinary Board: