Prison Concerns Committee

The Chair Person of the Prison Concerns Committee convenes the committee and leads it in fulfilling its mission.  The mission is presently articulated as developing awareness, action and advocacy that support the human dignity and desire to see Christ in every incarcerated person, their loved ones, and the persons who staff the jails and prisons.  The scope of this mission is focused locally, statewide, and beyond our borders.  The committee presently meets in a retreat format on four Saturdays per year.  The Chair Person is also responsible for maintaining an open, collaborative relationship with the NH DOC through the Volunteer Coordinator; working with the coordinators of lay and clergy visitors to the prisons (presently Rick Smith and John LeSueur) to assure they are well-supported; assuring that communication and other needs concerning the ChIPs program are met; and actively seeking participation as a community stakeholder in the work of the NH DOC, the diocese and other relevant institutions.

 The Rt. Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld – Testimony for Senate Committee for Death Penalty

Contact Chair – The Rev. Alice Roberts