Stewardship and Planned Giving

St Andrews Episcopal Church, Manchester NH Food Pantry

Planned Giving Committee

The Planned Giving committee seeks to educate and facilitate conversation on issues related to Planned Giving in the Diocese of New Hampshire.  Over the years, the committee has produced training DVD’s and written materials for use by parish leaders.  “Planned Giving Sunday” is a special annual event in many congregations to further conversation and raise awareness about Planned Giving.  In 2012 & 2013, Planned Giving pilot programs were launched in a number of congregations around the diocese.  The committee has tracked the programs at Church of the Good Shepherd, Nashua and St. Andrew’s, Hopkinton and the results of these pilot programs has been quite encouraging with over 20 Planned Gift commitments received.   To receive additional information about Planned Giving, please contact a member of the Planned Giving Committee:  Persis Gow, Jack Lewis, The Rev. Robert “Odie” Odierna, Canon Tina Pickering, Ginger Sheehan, Robert Wells and Canon Benge Ambrogi, Diocesan Staff Liaison. 

For more information, contact Canon Benge Ambrogi at 603-224-1914.