On Sunday, December 21, at 5pm, St. John's Episcopal Church, at 101 Chapel Street, in Portsmouth will host a Service for Blue Christmas. The Blue Christmas service is a time when we can, with others, acknowledge the “blue” feelings we have at Christmas time, the reasons for them, and offer them to God. Some may be experiencing a sense of loss: loss of a job, loss of health, loss of a relationship. It is not accidental that this service coincides with the winter solstice – the shortest day and the longest night of the year. In this service of prayer, candlelight, and quiet music, we gather with neighbors and strangers, a family made one by our brokenness. All are welcome to seek comfort that we are not alone, we come with our hearts full of hope and we invite our great sign of hope, Emmanuel, God-with-us, to break through the darkness of our lives. More at St. John's, Portsmouth.

AuthorLaura Simoes