Clergy Compensation

2012 Clergy Compensation Manual

2014 Clergy Compensation Guidelines ~ passed at 2013 convention

Supply Clergy rates:

  • For three Sunday services $250.00
  • For two Sunday services $200.00
  • For one Sunday service (Types II-V congregations) $150.00
  • For one Sunday service (Type I congregations only) $125.00
  • For one weekday service $100.00
  • For preaching at a service celebrated by another priest $ 75.00
  • For holiday services a, b, c or d applies

In addition to the fees suggested, supply clergy should be reimbursed for all related expenses: meals, lodging, telephone, and travel at the current IRS mileage rate, which may be found at (enter “standard mileage rate” in the search box).

For complete supply clergy information check 2012 Clergy Compensation Manual, page 12.