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These Resources are meant to enhance the important work being done in our parishes, our communities and New Hampshire.

Addiction and Recovery

The Episcopal Church of NH's Recovery Ministry group has compiled a resource list for clergy, lay leaders and our wider community who may need addiction, treatment and recovery resources. These can be found HERE.

Assisi Program

The Episcopal Church of NH is the newest Episcopal Service Corps site. Assisi Program is a residential service learning program. Applications and more information at


Children of Incarcerated Parents is an annual ministry of the Episcopal Church of NH. To learn more, including important gift guidelines and deadlines, visit The Bulletin, our news blog.

Clergy Resources

Clergy Resources, like Transition opportunities, Clergy Development, Events, Continuing Education and more can be found at the For Clergy section of our website.

Cycles of Prayer

Both NH and Anglican Cycles of Prayer can be found on Bishop Hirschfeld's page on this site.

Diocesan Advance Fund (DAF) and Sustainability Grant

The Standing Committee administers our Diocesan Advance Fund and Sustainability Grants

Diocesan House Library

Diocesan House has been fortunate to receive wonderful books and other resources from retiring clergy, widowed spouses, graduate student and others that we have located in one of our conference rooms.  We are pleased to make these resources known and available to anyone who might find them of use or interest. If you’d like to review or borrow one of these titles, please call Lynn Eaton (603) 224-1914 or email her, and schedule a time to come by and take a look. A full list of titles may be found HERE.

Episcopal Hospital Chaplaincy of NH/VT

The Episcopal Hospital Chaplaincy (EHC) at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) in Lebanon, New Hampshire is a partnership ministry of The Episcopal Church in New Hampshire and Vermont. The mission of the Chaplaincy is to “provide the services of an Episcopal Chaplain to hospitalized patients and their families, to provide the presence of The Episcopal Church, and to increase public awareness of the importance and usefulness of chaplaincy work.” Read more about this ministry.

Lay Employees 

We are blessed to have employees in our Diocese who are both ordained and lay. Information about lay employee benefits can be found HERE.

Lent Resources

Visit our Lent webpage to find useful resources, for both congregations and individuals, to help broaden and deepen our spiritual practice during Lent.

Mission Resources

The Mission Resources Committee, a committee of Diocesan Council, administers grants to congregations actively growing their mission, funded directly from the annual Diocesan budget.

Mission grants are given in support of a new or existing ministry. Because grants typically decline over time, development of a plan for financial self-sufficiency is expected. These grants are awarded throughout the year, as long as funds are available.

Fair Share adjustment grants are requested by congregations who determine that they are unable to meet their full asking for a particular calendar year.

For the Mission Resources Grant application and the Fair Share Adjustment application, please visit the Mission Resources Committee page here.

Mutual Ministry Review

Planning for ministry, doing the work, and reviewing or re-flecting on what we have done constitutes the mutual ministry cycle. This introduction to the guide describes the cycle, connects it to Scripture, and provides an overview of crucial steps for its implementation. The balance of the guide focuses on the review aspect of the cycle, because it has been the source of so much conflict and lost opportunity. To learn more, the "Living into our Ministries" by Vital Practices is a guide and workbook.

Our Kids Youth Commission

Guided by Robert Putnam's findings in his book Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis, the Our Kids Commission of the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire is committed to helping our congregations step into the "Opportunity Gap" for low-income and vulnerable children and their families in the state of New Hampshire. The Bishop’s “charge” to the Commission is “to find and serve the Child Jesus in our communities by helping congregations move away from asking “how can we get more young people from our community in the doors of our church?” to “how can we go out the doors of our church to serve the needs of young people in our communities?”  His goal is to create an easier “on ramp” for committed people in our churches to serve all our children as tutors, mentors, and advocates.  

Grants are available to congregations to develop, expand, or explore programs that will address the Opportunity Gap. 

Click here to download the Our Kids Grant Application

Spiritual Direction

A Spiritual Director is someone who is trained in listening and serves as a trusted companion for your spiritual journey. There are several centers for spiritual direction associated with the Episcopal Church in New England at which one can be connected with a spiritual director, or train to be a spiritual director:

Spiritual Direction in New England (Province I) – resources for connecting with spiritual directors in Province I of the Episcopal Church

Adelynrood - a retreat and conference center run by the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross – offering women and men conferences, workshops and individual and group retreats.

Society of St. John the Evangelist (SSJE) –An Episcopal monastic community offering workshops, retreats, direction, internships, and formation materials like “Brother Give us A Word” and “Meeting Jesus”

Bethany House of Prayer – a retreat and spiritual direction center run by the Sisterhood of St. Anne.

Spiritual Direction International – an inter-faith resource for information about spiritual direction.

Vestry Resource Guide

The Vestry Resource Guide, produced by Forward Movement and the Episcopal Church Foundation, can be found online here or it can be purchased in print copy. Vital Practices also publishes the Vestry Papers, a regularly published resource for Vestry members, including topics related to training, stewardship, finance and service.

Vital Practices

The Episcopal Church Foundation's Vital Practices offers vestry members and other people of faith, resources and tools to respond to the changing needs of the Church. Vital Practices explores new ways of supporting congregations by building online communities of Episcopalians who share their stories, experiences, and best practices, who learn from one another, and who discover support to help sustain their leadership and their ministries. It includes articles by experts and peers, blogs for sharing ideas about faith and leadership, stories about real life lessons of change and leadership, tools for stewardship, communications, and opportunities for you to share your stories and examples.

Tending the Vine Graphic Identity

The graphic identity colors for reproduction are as follows: Blue PMS 302, Red PMS 1797, and Green PMS 7731.

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