Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry consists of six clergy and six confirmed communicants who meet approximately ten times per year to assist the Bishop on matters relating to discernment and formation of Candidates for Holy Orders and Lay Ministry.

The commission members routinely monitor the progress of the eight to twelve persons in the process for ordination at any given time. Nominees come to the Commission on Ministry following their parish discernment period with approvals from their rector and parish discernment committee. The Commission on Ministry interviews the prospective nominee at several times during the process. Following interviews for Postulancy, Candidacy, and Ordination the Commission on Ministry makes recommendations to the Bishop regarding advancement in the process.

The Commission on Ministry tracks the requirements of each person in the process to insure the necessary steps are completed for each phase. Everyone in the process is assigned a liaison from the Commission on Ministry for continuity, support, and direct line of communication to the commission.

Commission on Ministry terms are three years with no more than two consecutive terms. Vacancies occurring between Diocesan Conventions shall be filled by appointment of the Bishop. 

Contact the Rev. Richard Greenleaf (Chair) or Canon Tina Pickering (staff)