Issues, Priorities and Advocacy

The Episcopal Church of New Hampshire advocates and educates on a range of social and economic issues, which include the abolition of the death penalty in NH and elsewhere, the welfare of children, the responsible use of guns and issues of environmental stewardship. This is done through legislative advocacy, writings and event participation.  This work is in the context of the Biblical command to do justice and love thy neighbor. This is also how we Tend the Vine, together, for the love of the world.

Mission Priorities

The Episcopal Church of New Hampshire has the following four mission priorities:

·      Congregational and Mission Vitality -- developing the ability of congregations to grow, prosper and extend their ministries,

·      Investing in Leadership -- making investments in the development of both lay and ordained leadership

·      Support of Ministry to Children, Youth, Families and Young Adults -- supporting the children of our parishes, communities and state, and

·      Advocacy for Upholding the Dignity of Every Human Being and Care for the Creation --acting as advocates and teaching others to lend their voices to this work.

Read more about our Mission Priorities.


To learn more about advocacy in the Episcopal Church, visit this link for the Episcopal Public Policy Network or download this summary of all current policy positions from our Episcopal community.

Download a free copy of Faith and Citizenship, A Guide to Effective Advocacy for Episcopalians.