Letter of Transfer

A “Letter of Transfer” form is helpful when transferring membership from one congregation to another congregation. Parishioner submits request to their church office (of current congregation) to transfer membership  to new congregation.

Click Here to Download a Letter of Transfer

Removing to Another Congregation

Canon 17, Sec.4(a): A member of this Church removing from the congregation in which that person’s membership is recorded shall procure a certificate of member ship indicating that that person is recorded as a member (or adult member) of this Church and whether or not such a member:

(1) is a communicant; (2) is recorded as being in good standing; (3) has been confirmed or received by a Bishop of this Church or a Bishop in communion with this church.

Upon acknowledgment that a member who has received such a certificate has been enrolled in another congregation of this or another Church, the Member of the Clergy in charge or Warden issuing the certificate shall remove the name of the person from the parish register.