Standing Committee

Membership: There shall be a Standing Committee composed of three canonically resident members of the clergy in good standing and three lay persons who are adult communicants in good standing in their respective congregations and are confirmed or received in The Episcopal Church.

Convention shall elect, at its annual session, one clergy and one lay member to serve terms of three years. No person, clergy or lay, who has served six consecutive years on the Standing Committee is eligible for re-election until at least one year has elapsed.

Officers: As soon as possible following an annual session of Convention members of the Standing Committee shall meet to choose a president and a secretary.

To advise the bishop:  The Standing Committee shall be a council of advice to the bishop. It shall meet at the request of the bishop or the president or any four members of the Standing Committee.

Vacancy in the episcopate: In case of a vacancy in the episcopate, the Standing Committee is the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese, except as otherwise provided by the canons of The Episcopal Church or this diocese.

Authority to fill vacancies: Except as otherwise provided in these canons, the Standing Committee has the authority to fill any vacancy that may occur in any office elected by Convention. A person so appointed shall serve until a successor is elected at the next annual session of Convention.

Authority of Convention: The Standing Committee, acting with the bishop, if there is one, shall have the authority and responsibilities of Convention between its annual sessions, except as otherwise provided in these canons, and shall be accountable to Convention.

Current Roster

  • The Rev. Guy J. D. Collins (2nd term, expires in 2017)
  • Robert Cotton, Esq. (1st term, expires in 2019) 
  • Canon Judith Esmay (appointed in 2015)
  • The Rev. Teresa Gocha (appointed in 2015)
  • Margaret Porter (1st term, expires in 2017)
  • The Rev. Rob Stevens (1st term, expires in 2019) 

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