Supply Clergy List

Recommended compensation for supply clergy:

For three Sunday or holiday services:                                      $250.00

For two Sunday or holiday services:                                         $200.00

Type B:  For one Sunday of holiday service:                          $150.00*

Type A:  For one Sunday or holiday service:                          $125.00*

For one weekday service                                                                 $100.00

For preaching at a service celebrated by another priest:  $75.00

*  In addition to the fees suggested, supply clergy should be reimbursed for all related expenses:  meals lodging, travels at the current IRS mileage rate, which can be found at (enter"standard mileage rate" in the search box). Link for 2019 rates HERE: (.58/mile for business mileage)

If supply clergy earn $200 or more per month in salary and/or housing from the same congregations for three or more consecutive months, an assessment of 18% (retroactive to the first month) to the Church Pension Fund becomes a required benefit.

Age-retired clergy who earn more than 50% of the median compensation of all active U.S. clergy in a calendar year are subject to an 18% assessment from the employing congregation on any such earnings unless they have an exemption from the Church Pension Fund at the bishop's request.  It is important that clergy in such situations be in touch with the Church Pension Fund to assure that all Pension Fund provisions are taken into account.

Ordinarily, no Church Pension Fund assessment is due on earnings of clergy over 65 years of age or those clergy who are on disability retirement through the Church Pension Fund.